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The OpenLDAP Project Overview

The OpenLDAP Project is a collaborative effort to develop a robust, commercial-grade, fully featured, and open source LDAP suite of applications and development tools. The project is managed by a worldwide community of volunteers that use the Internet to communicate, plan, and develop the OpenLDAP Suite and its related documentation.

Our software roadmap provides details on our goals for OpenLDAP development.

Join the OpenLDAP Project

The OpenLDAP Project is community developed software. Members of the LDAP community are encouraged to volunteer to help make OpenLDAP a success. We need help in just about every area you can think of. A willingness to contribute is the key prerequisite. Those interested in volunteering time and energy to our project encourged to jump on in! Just subscribe to our developer mailing list and get busy.

Members of the OpenLDAP community are encouraged to display powered by logos.

OpenLDAP Core Team

The OpenLDAP Core Team (informally called the core) provides architectural guidance and manages the software development process.

Howard Chu Chief Architect, Developer
Hallvard Furuseth Developer
Quanah Gibson-Mount Release & QA Engineer
Kurt Zeilenga Advisor, Founder

OpenLDAP Engineering Team

The OpenLDAP Engineering Team, together with the Core Team, provides engineering necessary to deliver OpenLDAP Software.

Gavin HenryDocumentation Developer
Matt HardinRelease Manager
Ondrej KuznikDeveloper
Marc BoorshteinJLDAP/JDBC-LDAP Developer
Ralf HaferkampDeveloper
Rein TollevikDeveloper

OpenLDAP Emeritus

The following individuals were at one time active contributors to the project.

Anil Kumar KommuriC-API Developer
Bart HartgersDeveloper
Bastiaan BakkerDeveloper
Ben CollinsDeveloper
Clayton DonleyJDBC-LDAP Developer
Dave SteckC-API Developer
Dave StoreyDeveloper
Dmitry KovalevDeveloper
Emmanuel DreyfusDeveloper
Gary WilliamsDeveloper
John QuillanDeveloper
Jon RobertsJLDAP Developer
Jonathan ClarkeDeveloper
Jong Hyuk ChoiDeveloper
Juan GomezDeveloper
Julio Sánchez FernándezDeveloper
Julius EnarusaiDeveloper
Kurt SpanierDeveloper
Luca ScamoniDeveloper
Luke HowardDeveloper
Mark AdamsonDeveloper
Mark ValenceDeveloper
Michael StröderGUI Developer
Nachiappan PalaniappanJLDAP Developer
Predrag "Pele" BalordaDeveloper
Paul TurgyanDeveloper
Pierangelo MasaratiArchitect, Developer
Randy KunkeeDeveloper
Richard KrukarFounder
Ryan TandyDeveloper
Sang Seok LimDeveloper
Shawn McKinneyFortress Developer
Steve SonntagC-API/JLDAP Developer
Stig VenaasDeveloper
Stuart LynneDeveloper
Sunil KumarJLDAP Developer
Will BallantyneDeveloper
Wes CraigDeveloper

OpenLDAP Foundation

The project is an organized activity of the OpenLDAP Foundation.

Contacting the Project

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