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Mailing Lists

The OpenLDAP Project operates a number of mailing lists, including: More information, as well as facilities for subscribing and unsubscribing, is provided for each list via the above links.

Submission Review

Each of our lists operates under a charter (published on the "list info" page referenced above). In is expected that each participant to stay within that charter. Submissions, especially those from new subscribers, may be subjected to review by a human moderator. Acceptable submissions are generally approved in less than one day, while unacceptable submissions are generally returned in 1-2 days.

If you have not received a notice (or your message in the archives) after waiting at least 60 hours, please contact the list owner providing appropriate details. Unless explicitly asked to resubmit a message, do not resubmit your message. This will cause additional delay in the review of your submission.

Note that submissions from non-subscribers will generally be discarded without notice to avoid sending rejection messages to spoofed email addresses. Please subscribe to submit.

List Archives

All mailing list messages are archived. These archives can be browsed and searched via the web. Note: if you do not wish your message to appear in our public archives, do not submit it to the list. Please see our Privacy Statement. Requests to alter materials in the archives will be rejected, as will requests to limit the availability of materials in our archives.

Acceptable Use Policy

All list participants are expected to behave in a professional manner. We reserve the right to restrict and, if appropriate, refuse list services to anyone who is, in our opinion, behaving in an unprofessionally manner.

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