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Help us spread the word about OpenLDAP. Users of our software are encouraged to promote the project by displaying OpenLDAP powered-by logos, buttons, and banners on their website with a hypertext link to


Artwork by Ursula Stoll of net boolean.
Legal Notice
OpenLDAP is a registered trademark of the OpenLDAP Foundation. The license to use our "powered-by" logo images for promotional use as described by this document is subject to review and is revokable. The licensee agrees to cease all use of the OpenLDAP trademarks upon request by the OpenLDAP Foundation. Use of the images of any other purpose and/or manner requires written permission from the OpenLDAP Foundation. This license is not applicable to any other images appearing on this site or elsewhere.

Sample HTML

The following HTML should be used to display the image and implement the hypertext reference:
<a href=""><img alt="Powered by OpenLDAP" border="0" src=""></a>

You may substitute any of the images show above.


The project accepts submissions of OpenLDAP artwork. Submissions should be submitted using our Issue Tracking System.

To allow the project to use the artwork, you need assign all rights to the artwork to the OpenLDAP Foundation. Include the following statement in your ITS submission (replacing items marked between < and > as appropriate):

Rights Assignment Statement
Artwork by <Your Name>.

I, <Your Name>, hereby assign all rights associated with this artwork to the OpenLDAP Foundation.

This artwork is not subject to any license of <INSERT EMPLOYER or INSTITUTIONS you may be associated with>.

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