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This FAQ is for answering general about LDAP-based Directory Services questions.
If after reading these answers you have a general LDAP question, please take it to a general LDAP forum, such as the ldap@umich.edu list, for discussion.
General Information:
(Answer) What does LDAP stand for?
(Answer) What is a Directory?
(Answer) What is LDAP?
(Category) Where can I get more information about LDAP?
(Category) Public LDAP Services
(Category) Misc.
(Answer) Glossary of Terms

(Category) LDAP Applications - clients, gateways, and more
(Category) LDAP Developer Tools - SDKs and other tools
(Category) LDAP Servers
(Category) LDAP Enabled Services

(Answer) New Item
(Answer) New Item
(Answer) New Item

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